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Is your dryer getting hot but your clothes are still wet after one cycle?

Amerovent Corp. is Southwest Florida's
Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Service.
We are one of the few dryer vent cleaning companies
that also offer duct repair and replacement.
We have over 10 years experience, and over
12,000 vents have been cleaned by our company with complete customer satisfaction.
 You will save more in energy costs than the cost of our service.  So don't delay, Call Today!

  1. professional dryer vent cleaning
    Tom (holding lint removed from his system)
    "I couldn't believe the amount of lint that came out of that pipe! Now I recommend that everyone should have their dryer vent cleaned out. "
  2. appliance company
    "Amerovent Corp came highly recommended by the appliance company I bought my new dryer from."
  3. Dryer vent cleaner reviews
    David (holding a screen clogged with lint)
    "Fast, professional service! I definitely will recommend Amerovent. "
  4. dryer vent cleaning review
    "My clothes were taking 3 cycles to dry, now they dry in 40 minutes! Thank You Amerovent!"
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   Single Residential

Multi-Unit Residential


Residential dryer vents
condominium dryer vents
commercial dryer vents
Most of the work we do is in single family homes or attached villas.
Every home that has a dryer vent needs to have it cleaned out from time to time.  

Our recommendation ​is as follows:
one or two people, every 2-3 years should be sufficient.
three or more people, every 1-2 years is usually ok.

if there are pets that shed, or young children in the home, then the vents should be cleaned every year. The reason is because animal fur clings to the moist lint in the dryer vent and will cause it to clog much faster. And having Children in the home causes faster clogging due to the new clothing releasing more lint and the excessive machine use.
We often are called out to remove the lint buildup from the dryer vent systems in multi-level buildings.
We generally charge a little more for these calls due to the time consuming process, and additional work that needs to be put into these projects.  
We do offer multi-unit discounts that will greatly reduce this cost if we schedule several units, or a full day in the same building or neighborhood (applies to all residential).
Commercial projects are usually the most intensive as they require special tools and knowledge gained over the last decade, in order to provide a proper, and thorough vent system clean out.

The commercial laundries usually have extra large dryers and vent systems that we are familiar with and have the tools to clean.
We service Hotels, Pet Hospitals, Salons, Gyms, Laundry Mats, and HealthPark Hospital.

We accept towel donations for 
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Don't waste your valuable time trying to clean out your own vent system. Let the professionals do it! 
  • Serving Lee and Collier Counties
  • Complete dryer vent service
  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • On time service
  • Appointmant booking via email or phone
  • Accept cash, check, or credit cards
  • Weekend appointments available (subject to additional charge)
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